A Lent Course: God's World

Seeking Wisdom & Pursuing Justice for Creation

A Lent course designed to help us think about the ways in which care for God’s creation is a central part of our faith in Jesus Christ and of the mission of God’s church. 

Topics Covered are:

Does climate change matter? If so, why does it matter?

 How can I better celebrate creation as God’s gift?

What is God asking of me?

What do I need to change?

What can I do now to cherish God’s earth?

Groups Venues and Times

Each Week during Lent

Monday 1330 - Church of the Holy Spirit

Monday 1930 - Christ Church

Wednesday 1330 - Holy Trinity Clapham

Wednesday 1930 - Clapham Methodist Church

Join us also for Sunday evening services

email cticsecretary@gmail.com for more details